Consul does not works on service restart

i am working with consul v1.6.2. Whenever i restart consul service it does not work.
error :
c\Unable to connect to Consul Agent Could not validate agent. Reason Message : <Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:<hidden> >Details : The given token has insufficient rights. Error caused during interaction with consul agent at : []. Retrying 1 more times with 240 seconds timeout…

setup is on linux vm .

Hi @muxdemuxmaxi,

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Are you running on a Linux VM with systemd? If yes, compare your unit file with the official recommended one: Deployment Guide | Consul | HashiCorp Developer.

From the error, it is clear that the cluster has ACL enabled, and you probably have an ExecStop in the unit file trying to interact with the Consul agent without an ACL token (with the required privilege).

If it is not systemd, the same applies to whichever process manager you use. Make sure your restart sequence doesn’t have a step that interacts with the Consul agent without a Valid ACL token.

I hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for solution .