Consul for exposing Azure private AKS clusters api

Hello all,

We are about to deploy an high isolated environment where we are going in the end to have something like 100 isolated and independent azure AKS cluster with private api configured.

For deploy the infrastructure but also for configure the aks we use Terraform cloud. Until now we have included in every environment a TF cloud agent for providing connectivity from the aks to tf cloud so we can fully manage the cluster.

Problem is this is not possible as we will need to many agents pool (limit is 20)

We are thinking to use consul (maybe running parallel to the aks, in a container instance in azure outside the AKS itself) to expose the api as a service (we don’t even want to manage the ipv4 range of the api) and then having the TF agent to connect to it using the terraform kubernetes provider.

something like this

azure tenant1: consul server running and TF agent running

azure tenant 2: AKS running with consul client running

is it something that can be possible? can consul expose a service like that?