Consul ingress url

How do I call ingress service from an agent node?

curl http://<service>.ingress.consul:<port> doesn’t work. If I use the server ip where ingress is running, that works fine. Looks like @dig command doesn’t return the actual ingress listener port but the port that envoy is started with (consul connect with for example: -address ‘{{ GetInterfaceIP “eth0” }}:8888’ ).

If I have multiple ingress nodes, how will this work?

Hi @pravyaka,

dig should be returning the listener port that the service is associated with.

Would you mind providing a bit more information on your setup such as how you’re starting the gateway, the gateway’s registration file, associated config entry, etc? That would be helpful in troubleshooting this issue.


Thanks for replying… here’s more info:
Ingress service and Consul DNS · Issue #9479 · hashicorp/consul (

And I also found someone else has reported the same:
DNS for Consul Connect ingress port is wrong · Issue #8325 · hashicorp/consul (

Let me know if you need more details and I’ll be glad to provide.

I think I was confused. I needed to start ingress envoy on the hosts which receive ingress traffic. All good and thanks!