Consul intentions are not working in Kubernetes

I have deployed a microservice-based application in Kubernetes(EKS cluster) and the same application I have deployed in Minikube. In both the clusters, all the pods of consul and application are running and app is working as expected. We are seeing certain issues in checking the Consul’s functionalities.
For example, we are not able to implement intensions. We have created deny intension between various services of our application but still, the

intension is not working as expected. Here are the details of our application.

Hi! Thanks for asking this question.

Based on a quick inspection I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your approach, but I noticed that all of the screen shots got clipped so it’s hard to tell.
Do you think you could post your steps to reproduce and the yaml files in text/gist as well as describe in a bit more detail what isn’t working?


Hi kschoche1,

These are the k8s yml files of my application example-voting-app/k8s-specifications at master · mayurdeshmukh/example-voting-app · GitHub . I have added sidecar proxy into my application. When I apply deny intension into my application, still microservices are communicating with each other, I mean deny intension doesn’t work. Please help.