Consul KV and Vault KV secrets in one integration


I want to use consul KV for configurations and vault KV for secrets with one integration, consul-template looks like the perfect solution but my problem is that it saves the secrets into a file, can consule-template be used without saving the output file like using API\Query request or is there another way to use consul KV with Vault KV with one call.

Hey MK789,

Consul-template as a tool is designed to manage applications that require a dynamic config file or similar. Thus the writing to a file is a fairly core feature. If your use case doesn’t involve writing to a file how do you plan to use the data pulled from Consul and Vault?

If the values would be placed in environment variables then Envconsul might be what you’re looking for? If you’re looking to use it as a library then you could look at the Hcat library which makes the core functionality of consul-template available as a libraray (note hcat is still in development and will have api changes, but it is already in use in production code).

Otherwise I’d need more details.