Consul/Nomad integration


I’m trying to get nomad running with a consul cluster which is using ACLs. The consul cluster is set to with default policy deny and only has a basic agent policy installed.

On my nomad cluster which is configured with the bootstrap option, the logs keep spewing No cluster leader.

Question, does my nomad cluster need a consul policy installed and a consul token set within the nomad cluster to get going?


Yes, that’s my understanding.

Pretty sure there’s a tutorial on HashiCorp Learn to get you at least part of the way there. Have a look.

Believe me, I’ve spent the better part of today looking thru the nomad docs and googling to find an explanation or example. Found nothing. Hashicorp Learn for Nomad and Consul do not mention anything. I don’t even know what rules the policy needs to have to make Nomad semi-functional.

Sorry. You’re right: didn’t find anything suitable. What about questions here, like this one?

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You rock! I added another policy for nomad and set the token on the nomad agents. Things are working. I did see the Consul Connect docs which describes the setup for service to service communications so I skipped it.

Hashi Staff: there really really needs to be some kind of doc outlining the steps to setup both Consul and Consul/Nomad in the minimal amount of steps. I’ve spent several days getting my setup going in ansible and it sucked. Had to pull info from docs, github issues, and forum. Was about to punt. Also, the use of client, server, agents, and nodes sprinkled throughout the docs can at times be confusing. Maybe a fully working ansible playbook as an example would be a good start. The current playbook doesn’t delve into the setting up agent policies or nomad integration.



@zyqer1 I literally ran into this same problem myself yesterday. Definitely a place to improve.