Consul not able to start in server side

Hi All,

Actually I’m deploying 2 vm’s each of them act as server and client. I can’t able to start my server because every time when I start getting below error:

2019/11/13 11:53:08 [ERR] agent: Coordinate update error: No cluster leader
2019/11/13 11:53:08 [ERR] agent: failed to sync remote state: No cluster leader

After I launch my client It would wait for server response(No known consul), So how can I troubleshoot this ?

**“bind_addr”: “”, **
"datacenter": “dc1”,
"data_dir": “/var/consul”,
"log_level": “INFO”,
"enable_debug": true,
"server": true

Above configuration are in my server side, I tired retry_join and server join itself but no luck. In same, Client side only the server parameter has been changed to false.

And one more question, mostly the purpose of installed consul for health check’s and get some output’s on my services. How can I configure and enable on my cluster. Please I need your assistance to solve this.

Thanks for reporting Vasanth. This guide describes how to setup a small cluster:

One thing I noticed immediately is that you are booting 2 servers. The number of Consul servers should be odd, to make sure they can elect a leader.

Let me know if that helps!