Consul - Number Of Instances is Wrong?

Hi All,
I am new to consul. I am trying out few things. I would like to know if this is issue or not.

Currently, I was following Consul up and Running Book, and have 2 deployment and services within the mesh i.e frontend and backend.

At any point in time both frontend and backend has only one replicas running, however, in consul UI it seems to be showing four instances.

Assuming instances means no. of instances of the deployments running, it is wrong, right ?

I believe because of this I am running into such issues.

Running consul on Azure, I usually stop and start cluster, can it be because of that ?
How to fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance

Considering your screenshot of the Consul web UI, and the kubectl get pods output, the implication is that for some unknown reason, Kubernetes has had to restart a new pod several times, and all of the registrations have remained in Consul.

You can tell this because the Consul service names are only differing in the 5-random-character part that Kubernetes automatically generates to identify generated objects.

Your next step should be to look into the checks registered on these services, to determine why they still show as ‘checks passing’ even after the relevant pods have gone away.

That is the mystery. I guess Consul doesn’t know that the pod is deleted. I guess this is a issue.

I’ve posted a GitHub Issue to track this.