Consul Service check on Nomad server has errors

we have 3 nodes running both Nomad and Consul and 11 client servers.

on of the Nomad/Consul servers is showing issues in Consul console.

Nomad Server RPC Check i/o timeout
Nomad Server HTTP Check : request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)
Nomad Server Serf Check i/o timeout

it is only happening on a single server a follower.
is this of concern or informational errors
do they represent errors happening now or in past?

Hi @ramdan275,

Thanks for posting this.
Can you post a github gist with your Nomad and Consul configs, with the sensitive bits removed? Please also include what health checks you have defined for your services.

If you have any screen captures of where these errors are coming from, that would be helpful.

Have you attempted a restart of the single server? Is it the same server, or does the error migrate?


We have 3 servers (2 cpu 4 gig) that are both Nomad and Consult hosts. The same server is the leader for both Nomad and Consul and it is the server with the issues. We have 11 clients (4 cpu 8 gb)

have the default checks in place

screen shot

Thanks for the details @ramdan275,

Are you seeing this healthcheck under “nodes” in the Consul UI? Or is this from the Nomad UI?

I am going to see if I can replicate this myself. If anyone else reading this wants to give it a shot, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for your responses!

under nodes in consul

again 159 is the leader hosting both nomad and consul