Consul services definition for Server


I am experimenting with a Consul configuration where all nodes have a Server role.

Apart of running Consul, those nodes are running different services like Elasticsearch and Cassandra.

I am trying to achieve the situation where I have an identical consul configuration for all nodes and custom configuration for services. All services on all nodes should be discoverable by all nodes, i.e. each node should be able to resolve any service running on other nodes in the cluster.

Currently I am facing the situation where I only see services which a local to the node, for instance, if I login to one node’s UI, in the services section I only see services configured for that particular node and service nodes count is always 1.
If I am trying to resolve the service’s IP, I get the node’s local IP only, as oppose to all cluster nodes IPs which run this service.

Below is an example of 1 node’s configuration (consul server and elastic service config files):