Consul template pod restart kubernetes

We are using vault on kubernetes and it’s auto unsealed. Our apps also deployed on different kubernetes clusters. Now some of the apps suddenly restarted due to consul template. here are the logs. After delete that pod application again up works fine. What are the cause of the issue.

E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.936522796Z 2019/12/11 03:33:26.936210 [WARN] failed to check if secret/kubernetes/cluster/prod/ory/config is KVv2, assume not: Error making API request.
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.936652295Z URL: GET
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.936657430Z Code: 403. Errors:
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.936666926Z * permission denied
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.949976594Z 2019/12/11 03:33:26.949782 [WARN] (view) Error making API request.
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.950025668Z URL: GET
E 2019-12-11T03:33:26.950029914Z Code: 403. Errors: