Consul-template reload file every minute


I ve a consul-template to reload nginx configuration from consul database.

I don’t know why, but consul-template service reload nginx every minute.

The diff command between the new nginx conf file generated by the consul-template is always the same.

What 's wrong with consul-template ? Why consul-template need to generate a new nginx file, every minute ? Maybe the consul database is change in continue by a broken client…
Is there a command to see the last change in consul database ?

consul 0.8.1
consul-template 0.18.2

Thanks for help.


Have you tried a newer version? 0.18.2 is a couple years old and there have been many bug fixes since then. Looking at the current code, it does compare the existing content vs the new and only writes the file (and reloads the app) if the contents differ. I can think of no other reason for it doing that.

I’d suggest trying a newer version and if it still occurs, file an issue in github.

Hope this helps.

thank you for answer.
I ve just tried the version 0.21.3 … And it’s the same.
I 'll post issue on github.