Container app creation in certain region does not work

Hi, I did try the following .tf file, terraform-provider-azapi/ at main · Azure/terraform-provider-azapi · GitHub, with the region “eastus” it is working , the very same file with the region germanywestcentral or westeurope is not working. ( You also need to change the name of the azurerm_container_registry)

After Applying the terraform file with the region westeurope following error is occuring:

azapi_resource.run_acr_task: Creation complete after 35s [id=/subscriptions/removed/resourceGroups/example-resource-group/providers/Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/example20220823/taskRuns/example]

│ Error: creating/updating “Resource: (ResourceId "/subscriptions/removed/resourceGroups/example-resource-group/providers/Microsoft.App/managedEnvironments/example" / Api Version "2022-03-01")”: missing error information

│ with azapi_resource.container_app_environment,
│ on line 57, in resource “azapi_resource” “container_app_environment”:
│ 57: resource “azapi_resource” “container_app_environment” {

What could be the reason? Is there a Azure AzAPI Version page or something like that ? Is it a fault by terraform or MS Azure?

Do you have any updates? Im getting the same error.

Hi, just use another region, if you need a specific region, open a MS support ticket.
Maybe it is not working because the container_app_environment is still in preview and may not be supported in all regions, which region did you try?

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Thank you! I’m deploying in brazil south. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I will open a MS support ticket.

Hi, I did not register it, but container apps are not more in preview Azure Container Apps General Availability
I am just curios: Did you got an answer from the support?