Context for testing

Really need some way to pass some variables at run time. The testing framework will be used almost exclusively for CI. This means that multiple runs of exact same tests could be running at the same time on different branches, etc.

So, at a very minimum, we need to be able to pass some sort of ‘test-run-id’ which could be used to anoymize the resource names that the test is creating. Defaults just wont cut it.

Thanks for this feedback, @wsmckenz!

I think implied by your statements here is that you intend to have your CI system automatically run terraform test, which would mean giving the CI system some access to credentials for a remote system. Is that right?

I’ve typically heard before that folks don’t want to give their CI system access to any real credentials and instead want to either run the integration tests manually (so that they can use per-developer credentials) or want some way to mock away the real providers to test the module without needing any credentials at all. Since the implication of your feedback is something different, I’d just like to confirm that I’ve understood correctly your use-case.