Correct way to insert a Dummy or NOOP task

Hi, so I want to launch a job with the only purpose of installing service tags in consul.

When I try something simple like:

task "noop" {
  driver = "exec"

It sortof works, but nomad seems to have trouble at times while updating the task, seemingly getting stuck on the old task. What is the correct way to do this?

Specifically, when I do this, the old task appears to remain in the “pending” state, and never progresses out.

Hi @ScatteredRay,

I would be curious to understand the use case in doing this to ensure there is not a better approach?

There is not exactly a correct way to do this, however, I would suggest using a pause container such as which should behave correctly.

jrasell and the Nomad team.

Yeah, so I have a traefik load balencer setup, and I would like to setup some consul service keys so that I can setup a traefik load router to do a redirect. In this specific instance I would like it in nomad as I would like to eventually transition the service to nomad and this exists as a transition. But additionally, nomad jobs seem to be the best way to manage my traefik configuration.