Cosmosdb postgresql cluster get connection string

How do we get the connection string of the Cosmos Db postgres coordinator node in terraform? The connection string seems to be structured according to the following scheme:

Server=c-<CLUSTER NAME>.<RANDOM ID>;Database=citus;Port=5432;User Id=citus;Password={your_password};Ssl Mode=Require;

The name of the cluster is exported accordingly from the resource, but the id seems to be missing.

connection_string {
    name = "CosPos"
    type = "Custom"
    value = "Server=c-${}.${ID?};Database=citus;Port=5432;User Id=citus;Password=${azurerm_cosmosdb_postgresql_cluster.main.administrator_login_password};Ssl Mode=VerifyFull;"

Is this a restriction by Azure itself?

Any updates regarding this topic?