Could not create private workspace in azure databricks

My task is create private azure databricks.
I made terraform script by documentation and run into terraform version 0.14.5.
It is perfectly work if I make databricks public.
But when I set this key:
public_network_access_enabled = false
Terraform failed with error:

Error: creating/updating Workspace: (Name “xxx-dev” / Resource Group “xxx-dev-rg”): performing CreateOrUpdate: workspaces.WorkspacesClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=0 – Original Error: Code=“InvalidPrivateWorkspaceForSubscription” Message=“The subscription xxx is not registered to create private workspace.”

Looks like azure subscription does not have permission.
But I did not found any documentation about requirements.
Does any one know : is it a bug or some permission mission?

This burned me as well, since the naming is confusing.

“public_network_access_enabled = false” enables Private Link for the workspace, which currently (Nov 2021) is a preview feature that requires a back-end team Azure to enable on your subscription.

In my case, I was trying to enable the Secure Cluster Connectivity (SCC), and the option I wanted was:

custom_parameters {

no_public_ip                                         = true