CPU usage on ARM processors

I found this topic CPU utilization shows 0 MHz on ARM servers · Issue #14055 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub
As I understand, currently it is not possible to get the max CPU frequency dynamically from ARM processors.

However, most AWS ARM64 instances are mapped manually here: nomad/env_aws_cpu.go at 087ac3a0f203e607ce4f6dc6ea4ab0562771122c · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub

What I found was that when I am using AWS instance and start Nomad, it cannot read individual task CPU usage and the host CPU usage (percentage wise). Is this also expected? Some tools like node-exporter and CLI tool docker stats properly show CPU usage.

I noticed that stats API does expose percentage wise CPU usage of the host, but CPUTicksConsumed is always zero. In clients view, UI always shows zero.

Looks like this is the solution: Fix ARM64 CPU monitoring of jobs · Issue #17577 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub (released in v1.6.1). I’ve yet to test this but closing for now.