Create a different Volume for Vault Injector

I need to render the secrets at some path and different volume with Vault Injector. For example, for path /app vault will render the secrets to vault/secrets/app where vault/secrets is the default volume used by vault injector, but I need the secrets rendered at a different volume. One I can define. Is that possible? I looked at the helm installation values but it does not provide that flexibility and annotation “secret-volume-path” only allows for specifying a path at the default volume “/vault/secrets”

Hi @eliAve! The secret-volume-path annotation should indeed let you mount a secrets volume at an arbitrary location in the pod, and the agent-inject-file annotation lets you specify exactly where in the volume the secret should be rendered.

For example, these annotations would render a secret at /app/some/secret/here.txt: "internal/data/database/config" "/some/secret/here.txt" "/app"