Create AWS EC2 Instance and then Install SQL Server

I have been requested to learn Terraform. On an EC2 instance using Terraform I need to install SQL Server.
I have been searching but since I am new I feel a little lost and overwhelm.
Can someone direct me to the proper web pages to research for this task. I am guessing that I need to create the EC2 instance on AWS and then install the SQL Server version. I am guessing that this is being done by others?

Hi LauraC,

 Check out this example ''. This one creates RDS 'SQL Server.

 If you need to manually install 'SQL Server' on 'EC2', in addition, to Terraform, you might need configuration management tools. For example ''


I am looking to create an EC2 instance which I think I found this code to help - File Finder ยท GitHub

But then I need to figure out how to copy the SQL Server binaries to the EC2 instance which are zipped, extract the files, and then execute the setup. Not sure I can do that in Terraform. It was suggested to me to use robocopy and PowerShell for that piece.