Create encrypted RDS PostgreSQL cross-region replica

I’m trying to create an encrypted RDS PostgreSQL cross-region replica between us-west-2 and us-west-1. The original instance in usw2 is encrypted. I keep getting the error below after a few days of troubleshooting and I’m wondering if I’m missing something:

Error: Error creating DB Instance: InvalidParameterCombination: Cannot create a cross region unencrypted read replica from encrypted source.

We use v0.14 and our config is split in directories for each region.

Here’s what the looks like for the replica in us-west-1:

module "rds_cluster_testrollback" {
  source                  = "../../.."
  admin_password          = null
  cluster                 = "dev-test-migration001"
  database_name           = "testmigration"
  rds_subnet_group_name   = var.database_subnet_group
  vpc_id                  = var.vpc_id
  domain                  = var.domain_name
  zone_id                 = var.zone_id
  storage_encrypted       = true
  aliases                 = ["dev-test001"]
  storage_size            = "100"
  iops                    = "0"
  storage_type            = var.storage_type
  follower_count          = "0"
  rds_apply_immediately   = var.apply_immediately
  rds_engine_version      = var.rds_engine_version
  rds_parameter_group     = var.rds_parameter_group_name
  backup_retention_period = null
  skip_final_snapshot     = true
  replicate_from          = "arn:aws:rds:us-west-2:****"
  kms_key_id              = "arn:aws:kms:us-west-1:****"
  leader_instance_type    = "db.t4g.small"

This is my first post on this forum; so please let me know if I should share additional information. Thanks!