"Create Mode" Update In Place Azure Database

Hello, simple question I hope:

I created my database in Azure manually and imported it via Terraform Import to my Terraform build. With that said, when I run Terraform Plan it wants to update the database in place. The value it wants to update is “Create Mode”; I assume this value is left blank when created manually. So question, will updating in place for the create mode value to default erase the data from my database? I understand it isn’t recreating the DB but because I’m not certain what all happens when updating in place I wanted to verify. Thank you

If I do a “terraform import”, I try to put in all the fields which TF complains about which are missing or different until “terraform plan” shows no diff.
This way I am sure that nothing unexpected will happen.

Same here; I did that with all of the fields. For some reason “Create Mode” still wants to update in place to default even though i’ve set it before running Terraform Plan