Create terraform resource (S3 Bucket Object) if already doesn't exists

Create the terraform resource based on the data source output condition.

Hi all,
I want to achieve the below requirement in Terraform.


I want to create object (with key_name) in s3 bucket.
Before creating the object need to check whether the object with same key already exists or not using data source.
If it is already exists, do not create object. If not do create the object in s3 bucket.

Source Code

variable "key_name" {
  default = "test.txt"
variable "bucket_name" {
  default = "test-bucket-654321"

data "aws_s3_bucket_objects" "my_objects" {
  bucket = var.bucket_name

locals {
  key_present = anytrue([
	for key in data.aws_s3_bucket_objects.my_objects.keys: key == var.key_name

resource "aws_s3_bucket_object" "examplebucket_object" {
  count = local.key_present ? 0 : 1
  key     = var.key_name
  bucket  = var.bucket_name
  content = "Test Value"

output "my_objects" {
  value = data.aws_s3_bucket_objects.my_objects.keys
output "key_present" {
  value = local.key_present

Let’s assume, key is does not exists in the bucket (For example, it is a new bucket with no objects)

  1. On applying 1st time, it creates the object in bucket.
  2. On applying 2ns time, it destroy the created object in bucket.
  3. On applying 3rd time, it creates the object in bucket.

On 1st time, data source returns empty value. so it creates the object in bucket.
On 2nd time, data source returns created object name. so the key is already exists and it destroys the object in bucket.

Likewise every odd number of times it creates the objects and every even number of times it destroys the created object.


ubuntu@test-instance:~$ terraform apply --auto-approve
aws_s3_bucket_object.examplebucket_object[0]: Creating...
aws_s3_bucket_object.examplebucket_object[0]: Creation complete after 0s [id=test.txt]

Apply complete! Resources: 1 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.

key_present = false
my_objects = tolist([])

ubuntu@test-instance:~$ terraform apply --auto-approve
aws_s3_bucket_object.examplebucket_object[0]: Refreshing state... [id=test.txt]
aws_s3_bucket_object.examplebucket_object[0]: Destroying... [id=test.txt]
aws_s3_bucket_object.examplebucket_object[0]: Destruction complete after 0s

Apply complete! Resources: 0 added, 0 changed, 1 destroyed.

key_present = true
my_objects = tolist([

Could anyone give me the solution for creating a terraform resource based on the data source output ?