Create Vagrant VM with host machine os and settings

Hello devs,

I am trying to create a vagrant machine that would be the same as user’s host machine, Do we need to follow any module or specific instructions to do so.


Host machine OS: Arch Linux
packages: python, vlc, curl.

now the vagrant machine should be
Vagrant VM machine OS: Arch Linux
packages: python, vlc, curl.

I think you will need a wrapper which greps the information from the host, like OS and package list, building an inventory file or by using environment variables, and use this in your Vagrantfile. If I got things right. :thinking:

Yes that’s right I am finding some good module for vagrant but did not find so easy with google search :neutral_face:

Why not program yourself? That shouldn’t really be difficult. You just have to differentiate between OSX, Linux and Windows and have a separate wrapper for each OS.

great :+1: I’ll try building that , I was thinking to skip the tricky part of mirroring the host os to vm but I think that would require some work on my end too.