Create VM in VShpere from template

Hello Community
I’m new in this Terraform world, I hope you can help me.
I have to create 15 VM into a VShpere environment. I have a template created. I want to know if I can use terraform to create 15 VM using a specific template and fixing myself the network IP and gateway parameter.
I see that there is the count option… I try but I can resolve this alone. Can someone help me?
Many thanks

@lcdiaz2106 Please check the following modules which will help you.

Hoo thanks
I can see this code:

provider "vsphere" {
  user           = "fill"
  password       = "fill"
  vsphere_server = "fill" 

  # if you have a self-signed cert
  allow_unverified_ssl = true

# Deploy 2 linux VMs
module "example-server-linuxvm" {
  source        = "Terraform-VMWare-Modules/vm/vsphere"
  version       = "X.X.X"
  vmtemp        = "VM Template Name (Should Alrerady exist)"
  instances     = 2
  vmname        = "example-server-linux"
  vmrp          = "esxi/Resources - or name of a resource pool"
  network = {
    "Name of the Port Group in vSphere" = ["", ""] # To use DHCP create Empty list ["",""]
  vmgateway         = ""
  dc        = "Datacenter"
  datastore = "Data Store name(use ds_cluster for datastore cluster)"

Does this code manage to deploy from a template? I can't see the option here.
I'll check if I can add it into this code.
Many thanks

Please update your template name here.

Hoo ok
Many thanks… I’ll try

my sysadmin tolds me that I can’t use this because we don’t use DHCP… So, if I create a VM with Terraform, the VM will be created but not started because machine will wait for dhcp IP that never comes… How is the way for assign an IP adress depending on the Vlan we use?

In the example, its clearly mentioned the way to assign the static IP’s. Please have a look.