Created a `splunk_data_ui_views` via Terraform, Updating `.xml` source file results in "404 Not Found" upon `terraform apply`


I am working with the splunk_data_ui_views and deployed a dashboard via terraform:

Code in

resource "splunk_data_ui_views" "my_dashboard" {
  name      = "Terraform_Sample_Dashboard"
  eai_data = file("my_dashboard.xml") 

  acl {
    owner = var.splunk_username
    app              = "MY_APP"
    sharing          = "app"
    can_change_perms = true
    can_write        = true
    removable        =true
    write            = ["my-dashboard-role"]
    read             = ["my-dashboard-role"]
terraform {
  backend "s3" {
  required_providers {
    splunk = {
      source = "splunk/splunk"
      version = "1.4.22"

provider "splunk" {
  url       = "splunk.my_domain:8080"
  username  = var.splunk_username
  password  = var.spunk_password

What Worked

We were able to create the dashboard after the first terraform apply, and that went to success and the dashboard shows up in Splunk.

What Isn’t Working, Changing a Simple property in the source XML: Error 404

I simply went to change a small part of the xml in a dropdown, changing:

<choice value="myenvironment">myenvironment</choice>


<choice value="myenvironment">myenvironment-edit</choice>

appending that edit part on just to tinker with the dashboard. The terraform plan was successful and just shows a change to that part of the xml source file:

-        <choice value="myenvironment">myenvironment</choice>
+        <choice value="myenvironment">myenvironment-edit</choice>

But upon terraform apply we get a 404 error:

| Error: 404 Not Found: {"messges":[{"type":"ERROR","text":"Cannot find entity with name=\"Terraform_Sample_Dashboard\""}]}
| with splunk_data_ui_views.my_dashboard,
| on line 2, in resource "splunk_data_ui_views" "my_dashboard":
| 2: resource "splunk_data_ui_views" "my_dashboard" {

But that doesn’t make immediate sense, since:

  1. terraform state list shows my splunk_data_ui_views.my_dashboard just fine
  2. The dashboard we created originally from the first/original terraform apply is also in the UI, so the state file must tracking the real world resource in Splunk.

So, why can’t I simply make an edit of my source xml file if the terraform plan is happy, but I get a 404 upon terraform apply.

I’ve worked with other Terraform providers like Terraform AWS and Terraform New Relic, and a simple property update is pretty seamless.

All this could be me simply being unfamiliar with Splunk and the TF provider for it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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