"creating Auto Scaling Launch Configuration XXXXX: empty result" - tf v1.2.0

Hi, we’ve used the below configuration previously for several other environments so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why the resource provisioning is failing now, when the below code is applied we get the following error (X’d out company resource name):

Error: creating Auto Scaling Launch Configuration (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX): empty result

│ with aws_launch_configuration.lc,
│ on main.tf line 24, in resource “aws_launch_configuration” “lc”:
│ 24: resource “aws_launch_configuration” “lc” {

TF code

resource "aws_launch_configuration" "lc" {
    name_prefix = "${var.project_name}-${var.environment}-"
    image_id = var.ami_id
    instance_type = var.instance_type
    iam_instance_profile = aws_iam_instance_profile.profile.name
    security_groups = [aws_security_group.XXXXXXXXXX.id]
    key_name = var.ssh_key_name
    lifecycle {
        create_before_destroy = true
    root_block_device {
        volume_type = "gp2"
        volume_size = "20"
    user_data = base64encode(data.template_file.user_data_ec2.rendered)
    associate_public_ip_address = true