Creating CA certificate in API Management

I need to add a CA certificate in API Management.
But there is no resource for CA certificate in terraform documentation

I found this certificate resource. Has anyone used it for adding CA certificate as well?

In API Management service, we have two different sections for certificates.

Adding CA certificate needs additional information than adding a client certificate


Take another peek its there

A certificate block supports the following:

  • encoded_certificate - (Required) The Base64 Encoded PFX Certificate.
  • certificate_password - (Required) The password for the certificate.
  • store_name - (Required) The name of the Certificate Store where this certificate should be stored. Possible values are CertificateAuthority and Root .

@dwizzle204 Thank you so much for pointing it out!
I should have looked for blocks within azurerm_api_management resource as well in addition to looking for separate resources.