Creating Child Tokens

In the Authentication tutorial (Authentication | Vault - HashiCorp Learn), the a child token is created from a root token.

I am trying to create access for an app to access the vault. The user creates the vault using the web UI and has to give the app something, I am guessing a child token, how then, from the web UI do I create a child token?

If it does not make sense to create a child token, what is the recommended way to give access to this app to a specific user without giving the app the root token? The tutorial on the web UI (in the Getting Started tutorial Web UI | Vault - HashiCorp Learn) does not create a child token.

I am still looking for an answer to this.

How do you create a child token from the web UI?

I don’t believe there is a page that lets you create a child token from the portal. Obviously you can do it through REST or CLI.

Right, I saw that you can create a child token from the api.

But what is the correct way, from the Web UI, to create a token that an app can use the vault?

Any sort of token which an app can connect?