Creating data source using awscc resource leads to plugin error

Hi! I’m new to Terraform and been lately practicing using it. Previously I was able to create a data source to AWS Quicksight by using “aws_quicksight_data_source” resource. However I noticed that there is no “aws_quicksight_data_set” resource available yet to continue creating resources on AWS QuickSight. Instead there is “awscc_quicksight_data_set” resource available which is currently in preview state I believe.

So I decided to give awscc a go. Now when I try to create data source (the similar way like with aws resource) using “awscc_quicksight_data_source” resource, I get an error:

awscc_quicksight_data_source.terraform-data-source: Creating...
│ Error: Plugin did not respond
│ The plugin encountered an error, and failed to respond to the plugin6.(*GRPCProvider).ApplyResourceChange call. The
│ plugin logs may contain more details.

Stack trace from the terraform-provider-awscc.exe plugin:

panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal 0xc0000005 code=0x0 addr=0xc pc=0xccd66f]

Creating data source with “aws_quicksight_data_source” (WORKS):

resource "aws_quicksight_data_source" "terraform-data-source" {
  name           = "terraform-data-source"
  data_source_id = "terraform-data-source"
  parameters {
    athena {
      work_group = "primary"

  type = "ATHENA"

Creating data source with “awscc_quicksight_data_source” (DOESN’T WORK):

resource "awscc_quicksight_data_source" "terraform-data-source" {
  name           = "terraform-data-source"
  data_source_id = "terraform-data-source"

  data_source_parameters = {
      athena_parameters = {
        work_group = "primary"

   type = "ATHENA"

Typing “terraform -v” returns this:

Terraform v1.3.0
on windows_386
+ provider v0.32.0

What could be the reason for this error?

@Pedro, just to be sure:

  • are you using correct platform for the Terraform binary (386 or amd64)?

You can check it by running:

  • wmic os get osarchitecture (in cmd) or
  • uname -a (if you prefer git bash or cygwin)

Hi @pavel-snyk and thanks for your response.

The command returns following:


I have tried both versions and getting the same outcome.

Nice, it means we have amd64 architecture. I guess you’re using Windows :slight_smile: (and not Mac or Linux)

  • try to remove .terraform folder in your project (it should contains the plugin binary as well)
  • if you downloaded Terraform binary can you re-open your terminal (I remember I had weird issues with PATH in Windows, so we will ensure that it’s not the case here).