Creating MediaLive Channel throws error about the destination not having a settings section

Hiya, i’m having a small issue that seems to be something that could be a mismatch between Terraform and AWS, when setting up a aws_medialive_channel i’m receiving a statuscode of 400 from AWS when applying, the exception states Exactly one of settings, MediaPackage settings, or Multiplex settings is required for destination destination. although under destinations i have a section called media_package_settings with the channel_id set to the media_package channel id.

resource "aws_medialive_channel" "channel" {
  depends_on = [
  name          = "medialive-channel"
  channel_class = "STANDARD"
  role_arn      = aws_iam_role.vid-stream-iam-role.arn

  input_specification {
    codec            = "AVC"
    maximum_bitrate  = "MAX_10_MBPS"
    input_resolution = "HD"

  input_attachments {
    input_attachment_name = "example-input"
    input_id              =

  destinations {
    id = "destination"

    media_package_settings {
      channel_id =


  encoder_settings {
    timecode_config {
      source = "EMBEDDED"

    audio_descriptions {
      audio_selector_name = "example audio selector"
      name                = "audio-selector"

    video_descriptions {
      name = "example-video"

    output_groups {
      output_group_settings {
        media_package_group_settings {
          destination {
            destination_ref_id = "destination"

      outputs {
        output_name = "example-name"
        output_settings {
          media_package_output_settings {}

  tags = {
    Terraform = "True"

Is there anyone that can point out what is causing this error in the “aws_medialive_channel” ?

Did you have any luck tracking down the cause of this error?

No haven’t, did some deep searching around this issue but didn’t find anything, which is why i decided to post here, i have managed to get a connection to a stream that i created just through the GUI but really want to try to get this into a terraform config so i can easily pop up a stream whenever i would need it, I might have to study a bit more about how these things hang together thou.

I’ve created an issue [Bug]: ERROR "Exactly one of settings, MediaPackage settings, or Multiplex settings is required for destination..." with proper configuration · Issue #30659 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub and I’ll push a fix today

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