Creating policy with access to specific policies

Hello to everyone!
I need to create an ACL policy for a person, who should give only specified ACL policies (by wildcard) to other users, and only this policies should be available for choice in editing entity menu.

I searched in documentation ( but haven’t found an answer, tried to configure my policy for limiting access to all policies like this :

path “sys/policies/acl/xxx*” {
capabilities = [ “read”, “list”]

where xxx* is regexp for policies to be accessed (xxxPolicy1, xxxPolicy2, etc)
but still has got no luck.

Did you find a solution for this?

I am facing the same issue. I have 2 teams, which have permissions to create policies under their own “paths” (sys/policies/acl/team-1, sys/policies/acl/team-2)… But currently a role created by either team under their paths cat use a policy under the other team’s path.

Is it possible to restrict groups to only a subset of policies ie team-2 can only use policies under sys/policies/acl/team-2 ?