Creating schema for data source using terraform plugin framework

Hi Terraform Community,

I am currently working on creating a terraform provider and I am struggling to structure my schema. I am trying to reuse the existing struct produced by .proto files inside data_source to define schema. Is there a way to re-use struct from other files and create schema for data_source using terraform-plugin-framework but do they all have to be defined in the same file with tfsdk tag?

If it is possible to re use the existing struct is there a way to add “annotation” (tfsdk tag) or customize a protobuffer definition so that the exported struct includes the annotations?

Thank you for your help in advance and let me know if anything is unclear!

I have been trying to use existing structs generated by protobuffer and I keep getting errors error retrieving field names from struct tags: parabolic: need a struct tag for "tfsdk" on DiameterM. I am assuming every struct needs tfsdk tag but is there way to avoid that or a way to use pre-defined struct without this error generating?

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