Creating self-references in new security group rule resource types

Context - I want to move my aws_security_group_rule resources to aws_vpc_security_group_ingress_rule/ aws_vpc_security_group_egress_rule so I can start tagging my rules.

The older resource type has a handy property for creating a self-reference (the SG accepts from its own SG ID) Terraform Registry

However I don’t see such a thing for Terraform Registry

My first thought was to supply

referenced_security_group_id =

However as I expected, terraform did not like me referencing something in its self.

My question is, how can I achieve a self referential rule using the new resource types?

It helps when you don’t try to put a rule ID where a security group ID ought be - it’s what I meant but not what I wrote. disregard :slight_smile: