Credential stuffing

Quick question…1. thanks for all the help

Is there a way to display a static password in the desktop version without having to go to “view raw api output”

resource “boundary_credential_library_vault” “vault-linux” {
name = “vault-linux”
description = “My linux Vault credential library!”
credential_store_id =
path = “infra/data/linux” # change to Vault backend path
http_method = “GET”

There isn’t now because we don’t have credential typing yet, so we aren’t sure what the data represents. I think it will be more possible in the future as we enhance credentials. @randallmorey any additional thoughts?

Thanks @jeff appreciate the reply

Hi there! Thanks for raising this. @Jeff is correct that we don’t know the credential type ahead of time, and thus all credentials are presented similarly. Once we have credential typing, we can present in more appropriate ways.

In the meantime we’re exploring ways we can improve display for plain objects, in the absence of other type information. Though we don’t know when such a change would come just yet.

Hello! Can you tell me how do I configure the RDP connection in dev mode?

  • Where do I save the credentials of the machine to be accessed?
  • How do I link a Boudary user to these credentials?

Hi there,

We don’t have any direct integration right now between RDP and Boundary. If Vault is generating valid credentials (e.g. an AD domain user/pass) and if they are brokered through Boundary you’ll get the output in the CLI to use, and can use them directly with your RDP client. Otherwise whatever your normal RDP credentials are what you’d use.