Credentials as Environment variables or .aws/credentials does not work with Terraform CDK?

Dear Experts,

I hardcoded my credentials in the provider section for AWS. Normal Terraform deployment will pick up correctly the credentials as Environment variables or in the .aws/credentials file, however Terraform CDK does not do this?

I tried everything but it does not work:

class MyStack extends TerraformStack {
  vpc: any;
  subnet: any;
  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string) {
    super(scope, id);

    new AwsProvider(this, "AWS", {
      region: "eu-west-1",
      //profile: "default",
      sharedCredentialsFiles: ["/home/ubuntu/.aws/credentials"]

What could be the issue?

Terraform CDK simply invokes the Terraform cli if running without TFC/TFE, so I would expect them to work just fine.
Are you using the remote or cloud backend?
What errors are you getting?

It was my fault, I use Terraform Cloud and I found now a documentation, that the environment variables in the GUI needs to be used instead the local ones.