Custom scheduler documentation

Hi. I was reading nomad documentation and I saw in this document that Nomad has a custom scheduler (see the second image in the documentation). I tried to search but there are no other references to this custom scheduler.
The reason why I need a custom scheduler is that we are working on a project where we need cooperative scheduling and it’ll be great to have our own scheduler and be able to plug this to nomad.

Hi @hayk99 and thanks for raising this question. I believe this is an error with the diagram and the use of the word custom and something that I will raise internally.

In the meantime I would be curious to understand your cooperative scheduling use case if you able to share further details?

jrasell and the Nomad team


Thanks for the answer!
At this moment I can’t provide more information about the scheduler. This scheduler is part of my bachelor’s degree thesis and we still had to work on the idea.
As soon I have more details I will share them with you.
For now, we are going to work on the idea and try to make our own adjustments over Nomad schedulers.