Customizing EFS Resources for SageMaker Studio Domains with Terraform


I’m working on automating the setup of SageMaker Studio Domains using Terraform, and I’ve encountered a challenge regarding the integration with Elastic File System (EFS) resources. By default, when a SageMaker Studio Domain is provisioned through Terraform, an EFS is automatically created and designated as the home_efs_file_system_id. However, this default EFS is not provisioned through Terraform, which means I cannot directly apply tags to it.

My goal is to manually create an EFS resource using Terraform and then specify this EFS in the efs_file_system_config for the SageMaker Studio Domain, intending it to replace the automatically provisioned EFS. This approach is crucial for my use case because I need to apply specific tags to the EFS resources associated with different SageMaker Studio Domains, and the generic all_tags option is not sufficient for my needs.

Can you confirm if it’s possible to manually specify a Terraform-created EFS as the home_efs_file_system_id for a SageMaker Studio Domain? If so, how would I go about configuring the efs_file_system_config to ensure my manually created EFS is used instead of the automatically provisioned one?

I appreciate any guidance or examples you can provide on this matter.

Thank you :blush: