Data source splat [*] operator doesn't seem to work on data source

Reading about the splat operator the following should work when setting the es_domains variable in the policy section:

data "aws_elasticsearch_domain" "all" {
  for_each = toset(local.es_domains)

  domain_name = each.key

resource "aws_iam_policy" "monitoring_collector_es" {
  name        = "tf-monitoring_es"
  description = "Used by monitoring to connect to ES"

  policy = templatefile(
      role = aws_iam_role.monitoring_collector
      es_domains = data.aws_elasticsearch_domain.all[*].arn

but results in

Error: Unsupported attribute

  on line 61, in resource "aws_iam_policy" "monitoring_collector_es":
  61:       es_domains = data.aws_elasticsearch_domain.all[*].arn

This object does not have an attribute named "arn".

if the es_domains is set to

      es_domains = [for d in data.aws_elasticsearch_domain.all : d.arn]

it works as expected. bug? Terraform v0.14.6