Database Dynamic Secrets for Connection Strings?

How could we use dynamic secrets with the connection strings to access SQL Database?

I read that database_secret_backend_role can create a Database Secret Backend role in Vault and it can be used to generate dynamic credentials for the database.

resource "vault_database_secret_backend_role" "dynamic_role" {
  name                  =
  creation_statements   = ["CREATE ROLE \"{{name}}\" WITH LOGIN PASSWORD '{{password}}' VALID UNTIL '{{expiration}}';"]
  revocation_statements = ["REVOKE ROLE IF EXISTS [{{name}}]"]
  default_ttl           = 300 # 5 minutes
  max_ttl               = 900 # 15 minutes

However, I am unable to get sql_database to use dynamic secrets for its connection strings from Vault.

What is the recommended way to use database_secret_backend_role to create dynamic secrets for sql_database?