Database Secret Engine with multiple database connections


I have question if Vault Database Secret Engine is able to support or not?

Use case is multiple database instances have a same database user. It is for central service connects to collect some data. I see concept of static role that username isn’t changed. But can one role maps to multiple database connections? I want to have one login with same password and policy on multiple database instances.

Thank you.

Hello @kittikun.chartmala ,
Were you able to find any alternative to this requirement? I am also having the similar requirement any update on this thread is much appreciated. Also HashiCorp may consider this as a feature request.

Thank You

Hi @kittikun.chartmala @trimurthyp
I have the same need, only for ProxySql and AWS RDS.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


@plesher @trimurthyp

Unfortunately, we end up with build our own process.

We use Vault KV to keep password, however, rotation and pushing credential changes to DB we build internally to support our requirement.