Debugging consul mesh gateways

I am attempting to connect two remote consul vm datacenters with mesh gateways ( that will eventually connect 2 nomad cluster) and am at a loss. dc1 is the primary and has a ‘consul connect envoy -gateway=mesh -register -service “gateway-primary”’ running on a server node with a nat rule allowing passing traffic from wan over 9999. the second dc is running but i cant start a gateway since acls have not been replicated and neither datacenter sees each other. I feel like the issue is with the nated gateway since if I curl the local port I get a connection reset and if I curl the external address I get a empty reply. the mesh gateway shows no connection log after it starts but I dont understand how that could be since the nat rule is the same used for other services.

Anything that could point me in the right direction would be helpful,I dont really know what to try with out introducing other points of failure. Thanks