Default_tags on exiting resources not working

I am trying to add tags for existing resources using default_tags. but it is not getting created. but the same is working when creating new resources. not using any other tags for resources.

TF version - 1.0
AWS provider version - v3.51.0

provider "aws" {
  region =
  default_tags {
    tags = {
      env = "dev"
      owner = "example"
      team = "devops"
      contact = "

On your existing resources having you tried something similar to:

tags = merge(
Name = “MyASG”

As you haven’t posted all your code or the error you are receiving, the only thing I can currently assume is you haven’t merged the default tags, in to the resource tags in to your existing resources.

If you have, please provide more details, code, error messages etc. so we can better assist.

Another question would be, are all these existing resources in the same directory as this code your building for default tags?


Thanks for your reply on this. I find the issue related to my question. This is only with Redis resource. Looks like AWS api is not currently supporting this. So there is no way to do it via terraform.