Deploy Nomad on baremetal-only cluster without private networking

Hi, I want to deploy Nomad to regular baremetal servers, old-school, that aren’t hosted in the cloud and have no private networking. Is this supported natively or do I need to use additional tooling to create a VPN between all servers?

Hi @tobiasmuehl,

This is absolutely supported. The networking requirement between the servers is the same no matter where they are running; additional information on the ports used can be found on this requirements page.

jrasell and the Nomad team

So I poked around some more and finally realized LAN gossip is only required for the Nomad servers - clients don’t use gossip. While none of our servers currently have any private networking/LAN (instead they have a single public interface) we can either manually configure a vLAN on 3 of our servers or get a few small VPS that have private networking enabled.