Deployed boundary on kubernetes, Not able to access a service through it


I have setup a minimal boundary instance on kubernetes, following

I have done a port-forward and can access boundary .i.e.
kubectl port-forward --namespace boundary deployment/boundary 9200

My intention is to access a postgress service via boundary, running over same kubernetes cluster on which boundary is deployed .

for that, I have defined a host/target though boundary server UI .i.e. (please note host address is defined as k8s service nomenclature)

I have connect to boundary server using boundary desktop client and able to get session .i.e.

however I am not able to connect on boundary provided address using psql client, it just hangs

is it something, I am missing here or is there any gap in my understanding to access service running over kubernetes

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After updating the boundary version from 0.7.5 to 0.13.0
everything working as expected !!!


Awesome to hear it @ruchir.bharadwaj. Out of curiosity, did you run into any issues deploying that helm chart?

Hi @bouhmad ,

No issue as such, just configuration change specific to environment


When using this chart, did you register workers using aead type kms? Were you able to register additional workers if scale out more than one replicas?