Deployed boundary on kubernetes, Not able to access a service through it


I have setup a minimal boundary instance on kubernetes, following

I have done a port-forward and can access boundary .i.e.
kubectl port-forward --namespace boundary deployment/boundary 9200

My intention is to access a postgress service via boundary, running over same kubernetes cluster on which boundary is deployed .

for that, I have defined a host/target though boundary server UI .i.e. (please note host address is defined as k8s service nomenclature)

I have connect to boundary server using boundary desktop client and able to get session .i.e.

however I am not able to connect on boundary provided address using psql client, it just hangs

is it something, I am missing here or is there any gap in my understanding to access service running over kubernetes

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After updating the boundary version from 0.7.5 to 0.13.0
everything working as expected !!!


Awesome to hear it @ruchir.bharadwaj. Out of curiosity, did you run into any issues deploying that helm chart?

Hi @bouhmad ,

No issue as such, just configuration change specific to environment