Deployed TF code to create CSR and TF output says Resources' created but kubernetes dont have csr created

Deployed TF code to create CSR and TF output says Resources’ created but kubernetes dont have csr created. We traced the log and found that provider plugin exited for tls

. dag/walk: vertex “kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr” is waiting for “kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr (expand)”
2023-04-26T14:31:43.417+0530 [TRACE] dag/walk: vertex “kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr (expand)” is waiting for “provider[""]”
2023-04-26T14:31:43.417+0530 [TRACE] dag/walk: vertex “provider[""] (close)” is waiting for “kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr”
2023-04-26T14:31:43.417+0530 [TRACE] dag/walk: vertex “root” is waiting for “provider[""] (close)”
2023-04-26T14:31:43.435+0530 [DEBUG] provider.stdio: received EOF, stopping recv loop: err=“rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = error reading from server: EOF”
2023-04-26T14:31:45.393+0530 [DEBUG] provider: plugin process exited: path=.terraform/providers/ pid=2083
2023-04-26T14:31:45.393+0530 [DEBUG] provider: plugin exited

We checked the configuration and installation of TLS (4.0.4 latest version used) looks fine.

Any help would be appreciated guys . Thanks

The log messages you have provided do not represent any kind of error, just Terraform functioning normally.

Therefore, there’s no actionable information in this post that people can use to help you.

Please read and follow Guide to asking for help in this forum particularly the “What to share” section.

Thanks , Let me put more Information in my question . We have written TF code to create CSR Certificate signing - Amazon EKS as per the AWS documents. The code is as below :

resource "tls_private_key" "rsa_priv" {
  algorithm = "RSA"
  rsa_bits  = 2048

resource "tls_cert_request" "cert_request" {
  private_key_pem = tls_private_key.rsa_priv.private_key_pem

  subject {
    common_name  = "admin"

resource "kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1" "csr" {
  metadata {
    name = "csr"

  spec {
    request = tls_cert_request.cert_request.cert_request_pem
    usages = [
      "digital signature",
      "key encipherment",
      "server auth"
    signer_name = ""
  auto_approve = true

TLS Provider version used : 4.0.4

When we do Terraform apply we get a out says 3 resources added and No error in output .

When we go to kubernetes cluster and kubectl get csr, csr is not created. (Note: We followed the steps to create csr manually and it works fine on same cluster)

Output as below

tls_private_key.rsa_priv: Creating…

tls_private_key.rsa_priv: Creation complete after 0s [id=1a181e6fee5019218fa265b0475fcad9a838ef95]

tls_cert_request.cert_request: Creating…

tls_cert_request.cert_request: Creation complete after 0s [id=6a22e20eea067ab7bee85936462848be37a3abad]

kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr: Creating…

kubernetes_certificate_signing_request_v1.csr: Creation complete after 2s [id=csr]

Releasing state lock. This may take a few moments…

Apply complete! Resources: 3 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.

Steps we tried:

We verified TLS configuration, installation and version seems fine .
Debug/Trace command did not provide any error msgs
We disabled vpn to check if network/firewall blocking - No issues found


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The line

shows that Terraform truly believes it has successfully created the Kubernetes object.

Is it possible it could be getting created in the wrong cluster, or the wrong namespace?

Are you able to review access logs from the Kubernetes API server to confirm how it sees the request?

Hi Max, Thanks for reply . I Will reformat my msg and apologise as I am new to the forum.
Yes we already checked that, its not creating this any other cluster and also as part of the deployment we created a New cluster to test this .We also checked all namespaces and it doesn’t have the csr created . Regarding API server logs , will double check that . Thanks

Not able to see any Kubernetes API logs . Thanks

The documentation - Terraform Registry - said something which confused me:

This is a logical resource, so it contributes only to the current Terraform state and does not persist any external managed resources.

I couldn’t find any explanation in the docs what this actually meant, so I tracked down the relevant source code:

and it seems that this Terraform resource is coded a bit unusually.

Upon creation it:

  • Creates the CSR in Kubernetes
  • Waits for the CSR to be signed
  • Downloads the produced certificate and stores it in Terraform state
  • Deletes the CSR object from Kubernetes

So it turns out that’s why you can’t see the CSR in Kubernetes - it’s getting automatically deleted by Terraform.

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Great , That answers the question :slight_smile: Thanks