Welcome to the forum - please reformat your message

Welcome to the HashiCorp Discuss forum!

This post is intended as a instructions for users about how to successfully include copy/pasted code, commands, and error messages in their posts here.

If you’ve been directed to it, it means the person sending you here would like you to take this information into account, and edit your post.

Very often, new users copy/paste these things into posts as-is … and the forum software then:

  • Removes all of the indentation, making them hard to read, and actually removing useful information, in the case of languages such as YAML, where indentation is meaningful!
  • Converts all the quote marks to left/right angled quotes, making it difficult for potential question-answerers to try out what is pasted locally.
  • Renders certain sequences of characters into weird formatting, such as subscript, and square boxes, severely obfuscating what you intended to show.

The answer is simple:

You just need to type three backtick characters, together, on a line by themselves, to start a code block, and the same again to end it - like this:

Your code
goes between
the two marker lines

You can normally find the backtick (`) key at the top left of QWERTY keyboards.

With this in mind, please have another look at your post, and see the not-so-great formatting the forum has done on it. Please edit your post, and insert the code marker lines now.