Deploying previous builds

Hi, i may have missed it but i couldn’t find this logic explain anywhere in docs/issues/questions. Looking at the source code i see that both pack and docker plugins return Image with tag “latest” and there is not way to change that which in the end mean that there is not way to deploy previous build as it will always refer to image with tag “latest”. Am i right to assume that this is a limitation of early release since you didn’t want to solve the issue of what it actually means to be able to deploy previous versions ?

apparently i was confused by UI mentioning build name in provided CLI command to run waypoing deploy XXX and i assumed it was possible to specify exact build and apparently it is not and CLI always pulls latest pushed artifact so there is definitely no way to make deploy previous release from existing artifacts. So then my question is still there, is that planned to be supported in some way in future ?

It might be helpful to see the structure of your waypoint.hcl. We supply the tag parameter which allows us to use a specific version.

build {
  use "docker-pull" {
    image = "some/image/name"
    tag = "v0.33.0"

waypoint has its own deployment id’s that are different from docker tags. the look like “myapp-01ET89MYCGE0FX0NF4R1JXFSBG”

if you wanted to make an older version available to the public you could:

find your deployment with waypoint deployment list then release it waypoint release -deployment="some-id"

Since we specify versions of everything and commit to git, I can just checkout the branch/version that I want and run waypoint up.
It doesn’t matter if this is a newer or older version waypoint will still deploy it.