Dial tcp IP:443: i/o timeout error while vault write keycloak oidc

I am trying to create a vault keycloak oidc secret

vault write auth/keycloak/config \
>         oidc_discovery_url="https://DOMAIN/auth/realms/master" \
>         oidc_client_id="$KC_CLIENT_ID" \
>         oidc_client_secret="$KC_CLIENT_SECRET" \
>         default_role="keycloak"

but it is throwing below error

Error writing data to auth/keycloak/config: Error making API request.

URL: PUT https://DOMAIN:8200/v1/auth/keycloak/config
Code: 400. Errors:

* error checking oidc discovery URL: error creating provider with given values: NewProvider: unable to create provider: Get "https://DOMAIN/auth/realms/master/.well-known/openid-configuration": dial tcp IP:443: i/o timeout

Any one know how to resolve this issue?


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@harshH-addweb Facing similar issue, Have you got any workaround??

No @Prashanth-M I didn’t found any solution yet. I am still working on it. Are you using keycloak oidc provider?