Different datacenters, with own Consul | Vault Cluster but manage them with single "servers"


we have two datacenters and every datacenter has three networks. Every network has its own Consul and Vault cluster. If I would deploy Nomad the normal way, I would have to create six nodes per network: 3 clients, 3 servers.
My idea was now, if it is possible to install just 3 or 5 servers to manage all clients in every DC and network, but configure them, to use the dedicated Consul / Vault cluster inside the networks.

DC1 → LAN → Consul / Vault
DC1 → DMZ-> Consul / Vault
DC1 → EXT → Consul / Vault

Or is that not possible, and I need to create Nomad clusters (3 servers, 3 clients) per network and configure them to use the Consul and Vault, which we have per network ?

I’ve found a related ticket: [question] Configure unique Vault cluster per DC · Issue #3913 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub which is the same we need (for PCI-DSS)

cu denny


I think, Vault may work, as I can change the Vault address per client config (not sure, about Vaul config on server side), but Consul … ?? How can I tell the Nomad to register a service on the right DC and correct network, if Nomad servers runs - for example - on the DMZ network and I deploy a job to the LAN network on DC1 …